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Rani Puffy Sticker Sheet | Froggy Puffy Sticker | 3D Sticker | Planner, journal decoration | Kittygorian

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Get on decorating everything you love with these cute Rani the Frog 3D sticker sheets!

✧ The sheet comes with 36 individual raised stickers
✧ 3 of those stickers have a blank space for you to personalize with small notes!
✧ These are about 1/16th of an inch in thickness (0.16 cm).
✧ Please keep in mind these are not very raised, and as such not very stuffed. However, this makes them better for things like journals!
✧ Sheets are 3.54" x 6.89" (9cm x 17.50cm) and come with a backing card that is 3.54" x 7.87"(9cm x 20cm)
✧ Ships in a stamped, un-tracked envelope (unless your order exceeds $10)